Rates as of: 9/12/19


Hammerheart offers two types of training; private and small group. Private training is heavily curated to your goals and specifically designed to help you achieve them. Small group is more general, but still takes a very balanced approach to your training. Small group training has a max capacity of 6 participants, insuring you still get great coaching in a group setting.


Private Sessions

Currently TWO spaces are available for private training. The rate, per training session, is 80$. Most availability is mid day, after morning groups. Please reach out via hammerheartsc@gmail.com or our “Contact” page to schedule.

Small Group Training Contracts

  • Small group training is available in a variety of contracts, paid monthly via direct deposit. Sessions are to be used in 30 calendar days and DO NOT carry over into the next month.

  • You may use your contract sessions to attend the following classes:

    • Strength & Conditioning

    • Strength +

    • Youth Strength & Conditioning

  • Think of your total amount of sessions as tickets. You are able to use your tickets as you'd like. For example, a client with 8 sessions could come three times in one week, but will only be left with 5 total sessions for the rest of the month. I organize the training packages by "X times per week" because I think that helps clients envision what is realistic for them to use.

  • Classes are about 75 minutes.

  • Going out of town for more than a week, we are able to suspend your account while you are away!

Community Contracts

One Month Trial (8 Total Sessions, 30 days): $100.00

2 Times per Week (8 Total Sessions, 30 days): $150.00

3 Times per Week (12 Total Sessions, 30 days): $200.00

4 Times per Week (16 Total Sessions, 30 days): $250.00

Student Contracts

  • We are happy to extend a discount to ALL students. These contracts are NOW available for purchase online.

2 Times per Week (4 Total Sessions, 30 days): $110.00

3 Times per Week (12 Total Sessions, 30 days): $130.00

4 Times per Week (16 Total Sessions, 30 days): $150.00


30 Day Trial

  • $100.00 gives you 8 classes to try in the span of 30 days. This is a great way to experience what we do without committing to a contract.

Drop In (Please reach out to us first via our "Contact" page!)