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I’ve always been a van peeping tom…

Dodging traffic to grab a peek at a Volkswagen. Asking around the Co-Op to see if I could find the owner of a van parked out front. Much to my wife’s dismay (and amusement), this has always been a thing for me. I just like vans. I don’t even own one (yet!), but I just love them.

So that got me thinking. How can I get a glimpse at some great vans without violating privacy, dodging traffic, or getting hit with a handbag?

A van festival.

So VanFest Northwest was born. A vintage and modern camper van festival celebrating vans and their owners.

2019’s Revised Format

Learning from our inaugural year, we have decided to make some changes to the VanFest format:

VanFest will only be one day this year. Saturday, June 8th, 12PM - 7PM.

  • Admittance will be free to the public with the option to make a donation to help VanFest continue to thrive.

  • Once again, the Benton County Fairgrounds will host us! Instead of melting ourselves on the blacktop like last year, we have reserved a large chunk of the shady oak grove to park vans and meet with owners.

  • We decided to do away with the competition element of the festival. Its just easier this way and I don’t really think anybody will mind (but let me know if you miss it!).

  • As of now, there will be NO live music.

  • There will be NO alcohol for sale. Van owners who are using using campsites may bring alcohol, but it must stay confined to your site.

* For Vehicle Owners *

You are the show! VanFest is nothing without you! While this event is now free to the public, we ask that vehicle owners make a recommended donation of $35.00 per vehicle to participate. If $35.00 is too much, we don’t want to turn you away. Please donate what you feel you can afford! This donation permits you to attend VanFest with your vehicle as well as stay for the night with a 12 noon checkout the next day if you choose.

That being said, you are NOT required to camp or attend VanFest all day. We will have parking available for those who would like to bring their vehicle and stay only for an hour or two. Again, we only ask that you make a donation that you feel is fair.

We ask that owners who are planning on staying the entire day and night arrive to set up starting at 9AM, Saturday June 8th.

  • Vans and vehicles of MOST types are accepted. Please, no RV’s. If you have questions about if your vehicle fits, reach our via the contact information at the bottom of the page.

  • Alcohol is permitted. Alcohol must stay in your marked area and may not leave, ex. you are enjoying some wine and want to check out someone else’s ride. Leave the wine at your ride.

  • Cooking is all good.

  • Although we have a generous amount of space under the shady oaks, a tarp or other type of shelter is recommended.

  • Even though the competition element has been dropped for this year, people still want to see and hear your story about your vehicle! Photo albums of build outs and resurrections were very popular!

  • Clean drinking water is available.

  • Power hookups are available.

  • Restrooms and showers are available.

  • WIFI is available.

  • Vehicles that are for sale are welcome.

  • There is no swap meet.


Please make your donation amount via the PayPal button below registraion. Not comfortable with PayPal? We will be accepting cash, check or credit the day of the event!

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Camping one night at the Benton County Fairgrounds is included in the price of your donation! 27 spaces are available and are first come, first serve. Check out is 12AM, June 9th.